Blue into Green & Pink into orange, 2018

Series of 2
25 x 29cm
A pair of unique state artist books featuring collage, colour suminagashi and paint. Each book is comprised of six works on paper mounted on 220gsm Magnani Incisioni. Handbound using saddle stitch binding with painted cover.
Presented at the NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair 2018, Sydney Contemporary 2018 and HOB/ART Book Fair 2018.

endpaper, 2017

Series of 3
28.5 x 19cm
Unique state artist books featuring colour suminagashi on handmade paper., the monoprints are mounted on 250gsm Somerset Newsprint. Handbound using four-hole stab binding.
Presented at the 6th artists' books + multiples fair at the Queensland College of Art.

Pairwork, 2017

Series of 20
17 x 11.5cm
Intaglio prints made by layering coloured inks. 
Presented in a solo exhibition above the Alderman, Brunswick East.

endpaper mini, 2017

Series of 13
Monoprinted books made by floating coloured pigment on water. Some of the pages have been printed twice so the marbling is layered. Each book is made from grey handmade paper and bound using saddle stitching. 
Presented at the MCA Zine Fair 2017.

Blockwork, 2017

Series of 6
19 x 14cm closed / 19 x 56cm open (full extension)
Unique state collage books made with coloured tissue, painted and handmade paper. Each page is framed by an embossed border. The collages are mounted on 250gsm Arches BFK Rives in a concertina structure. 
Presented at the NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair 2017.

Field Trip, 2016

Editon of 10 unique state
28 x 21cm
Chine-colle, collage and painted coloured paper, handbound using saddle stitch binding. Made using 200gsm Fabriano Artistico and Lana Colour papers.
Presented at the NGV Art Book Fair 2016. 

Paintings on Paper, 2016

Series of 12
28 x 19cm
A series of paintings on paper made using a silk screen to layer paints of varying translucency. Acrylic paint on 300gsm Magnani Aquerello paper.
Presented at Abbotsford Convent Open Spaces 2016.

Rockpool Mini, 2015

Edition of 18 unique state
10 x 17.5cm closed, 17.5 x 90cm open
Concertinas made from unique chine-colle prints and spray paint on 190gsm Magnani Incisioni.
Presented at Volume Art Book Fair, Sydney 2015.

Paper Mini, 2015

Edition of 17 unique state
14 x 9.5cm
Made by painting, pulping then reforming sheets of Hahnemuhle cotton rag paper. Reinforced with Kozo paper. 
Presented at Volume Art Book Fair 2015, Sydney.